Mission Statement

Risk Management's mission is to protect the financial and human resources of Riverside County through the identification and analysis of liability exposures inherent to our daily operations. Through critical analysis, Risk Management personnel will seek and source the best alternatives to resolve current problems and establish proactive processes to reduce or eliminate potential future risks.

Risk Management

Public entities face significant challenges in their efforts to reduce the frequency and cost of claims and litigation. The Risk Management staff specialize in the management of risk management services and the administration of general liability, automobile liability, property and medical malpractice self-insured progams.

The Risk Management Division of Human Resources acquires insurance for the County of Riverside and its affiliated agencies and boards, assists with contract review and manages the internal service fund. Risk Management claim personnel adjudicate tort claims presented against the County. Risk Management personnel are tasked with the responsibilty to maintain claim files, contracts Management Guidelines and HIPAA regulations.

Due to the unique complexities of County operations, we participate in a number of specialty insurance programs offered by CSAC EIA: