Liability Claims*

The Claims and Investigation Division administers the County's self-insured program for public liability. A claim against the County must be made in writing. Claims filed against the County must be completed in accordance with the California Government Code, sections 910-915.4. No claim form is required; however the County does provide a claim form for the convenience of the general public. A claim form may be obtained at the address or telephone number below. The claim form must be accurately completed, printed, signed and mailed or personally presented in hard copy format to the address below. Electronic and fascimile filings will not be accepted.

Submit Claims to:

Clerk of the Board of Supervisors

Attention Claims Division

PO Box 1628

4080 Lemon Street, 1st Fl.

Riverside, CA 92502-1628

Allow 45 days to process and investigate your claim. you can expedite the investigative process if you provide written justification for the amount of loss indicated. Personal injury claims need to be accompanied by unaltered copies of bills from treating physician(s) or other expenses incurred.

Any request for information by the Claims Adjuster is not a commitment to pay your claim or an admission of liability. All information submitted will be evaluated together with the results of the investigation.



Subrogation is the process an insurance company uses to recover claim amounts paid to a policyholder from a negligent third party. Subrogation is the recovery of monies from an at fault party who casued damage to County property or injury to a County Employee.


The County of Riverside is self-insured, self-administered for its General Liability Programs. The Subrogation process is initiated by our office by filling a claim with another insurance company and/or by making a written request for payment from the at fault party. In some cases, Subrogation may involve filing a small claims action or lawsuit against a negligent party.

What Triggers Subrogation:

  • Auto Accident (County vehicle or equipment)
  • Injury to a County Employee caused by a third party who caused the incident (Worker's Compensation)
  • Damage to County property (fencing, guardrails, signs)

Specialized Collections:

In some circumstances, we are the victim of damages and work with various legal departments to obtain restitution.

  • Superior Courts - Enhanced Collections
  • District Attorney - Victim Services Unit
  • Probation - Restitution Services Unit

      *Please be advised all claims submitted do not guarantee a committment to pay your claim or an admission of liability. All information submitted will be evaluated and investigated to make a final liability decision.*





      Riverside County Risk Management Division

      PO Box 1210

      Riverside, CA 92502


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